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Sweet mother of mechs! Hawken open beta starts today

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The upcoming free-to-play mech shooter, Hawken which is extremely awesome (played the closed beta a bit) is going into open beta today.

The open beta launch trailer also debuted today, along with the launch (although servers will only be live at 12:00 PST – 22:00 CAT).

In Hawken you will level up your mech and make upgrades as you earn Meteor Credits (currency used to buy items for upgrades). You also get to shoot the crap out of everything in sight with bigass guns. Pure win! If you’d like to sign up for the open beta, you can just go here and create an account that will most likely lead you to downloading the client. If you’ve been playing in the closed beta, Meteor has been so kind as to answer some questions regarding your progress and wipes.

To set the a level playing field for all players, Meteor will be resetting all account, meaning that every one will start at level 1. There will be no wipes during the open beta, so time spent playing won’t be lost in an instant. The closed beta client will become the open beta client, so if you already own it, just launch it. The good news is that there are regional servers such as US West, US East,UK, Asia North, Asia South, and Oceania so finding a server with a decent latency.

There have been no details on when the beta will end. Adhesive Games Co-Founder and Lead Animator Chris Lalli stated that the open beta will allow the community to help shape the game and be part of the development. Insinuating that the open beta will end and the game will launch only when it is good and ready to do so. Instead of chasing a deadline, the studio aims to make a top notch game.

Last Updated: December 12, 2012

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