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Phoenix (1)

You might remember having watched Saint Seiya a couple of years ago. It went by a different name then, the rather western title of Knights of the Zodiac. Legendary editing decisions aside, I quite dug the show, and got more into the lore, having recently watched the superb Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas. I’d dig a cloth of my own from that series. But for now, this statue will have to do.

Resurrecting an old favourite (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?), Tsume has a new sculpt and paint job for the constantly dying saint, Phoenix Ikki. The powerhouse saint is 36cm tall, made of resin and boasts a paint job that bears a more faithful resemblance to his manga version.

Phoenix (1) Phoenix (2)Phoenix (3)Phoenix (4) Phoenix (5)Phoenix (6) Phoenix (7)

“We also wanted the new version to have a purpose,” Artistic supervisor Cyril Marchiol said in a press release .

Being a tribute to the very man who created this great universe, we really love the result. Ikki is the character that changed the most between the manga and the anime, the color set is very interesting and this statue is eventually very different to the previous one.

Want one? Then dig deep and order soon. Tsume is only making 400 of these, and they’ll run you 259 Euros a pop. That works out to around just under R3900 ,when the figure arrives in the second semester of this year.

I don’t think I can afford that. But I can afford some nostalgia. AND I RAN, I RAN SO FAR AWAY COULDN’T GET AWAY!

Last Updated: March 14, 2014

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