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Swipe right for Vault Boy on Tinder

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I am utterly intrigued by Tinder, probably because it didn’t exist when I was dating. Yet another reason I need to hope and pray that my husband lives forever. But Tinder is a place where tons of people find love, or lust, or something, and Bethesda has decided to channel that energy in a hilarious way.

Spoof Tinder accounts aren’t anything new, but using the platform to market a game? That’s just marketing genius, and something I’d love to see from more franchises.

Picked up on Kotaku (because obviously none of us are on Tinder), it turns out that Vault Boy is looking for love. There’s even a coordinated campaign for #dateadweller that includes tips on how charisma can help in dating and even shows some same sex loving (which can’t actually happen in Fallout Shelter because we all know the apocalypse is focused solely on procreation).

I am sort of loving this idea, and I hope that it becomes a normal part of game marketing. I’d love to swipe right for Iron Bull, or Aloy from Horizon. Why can’t I continue my immersion in my fake online dating life? The only disappointment is that if you match with Fallout Shelter on Tinder, it simply directs you to a link to download the game. What, no poor PR person forced to man the account and text with horny gamers who want to know more about Vault Boy’s sexual proclivities? If you’re gonna do this for marketing, you might as well go all out.

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Last Updated: August 18, 2015

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