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Tinder releasing new features to get you to talk to people before you match

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I am so glad my dating days are behind me, and I’ve never needed to dip into the world of dating via an app like Tinder. I personally know of several success stories from Tinder though – so there is definitely something the app is doing right – but there is still an element of risk involved in interacting with various numbers of strangers.

Tinder continues to make updates though to try and remove that risk of meeting up with someone who is clearly not a good fit for you. One of the new ways the app is doing this is through the creation of a new Explore tab, that will let people interact with and meet potential matches in a variety of different ways. And in these times of COVID, quite honestly it would be better for people to socialise remotely as much as possible rather than go out and risk getting infected, so these are all much-needed features.

As revealed in The Verge, in the new Explore tab you’ll find activities like Swipe Night, Tinder’s interactive video game, and a new feature called Hot Takes – which asks participants a trending question and gives them an opportunity to share their views with others. Each of these new activities will give people an opportunity to play and interact with potential matches, hopefully giving people something to talk about and also choose to like one another and match during the various interactions.

Another new feature that the company has released that it hopes will make things easier for users of the app is the ability for people to upload videos as part of their profiles. Each video can only be 15 seconds long, but a single profile can have up to nine of them in total, which will hopefully give people opportunities to showcase their personalities better. The idea behind keeping the videos short is to try and keep the focus on people revealing portions of their personality without descending into pure entertainment – a move that makes sense for the app.

So for those of you who have been struggling to find the perfect partner, hopefully, these new features from Tinder might help you out.

Last Updated: June 23, 2021

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