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Syndicate successor Kickstarted

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At the beginning of this month we told you about Satellite Reign, a new game from the creator of Syndicate Wars.  Well, the real-time, class-based cyberpunk strategy game was thoroughly kicked in its starters.  Yup, it’s fully funded.

I really like that games are giving us more options lately.  This game is built around freedom to play according to your style – you can go in strong and heavy or subtle and stealthy.  It sounds somewhat similar to Watch Dogs, and it will be interesting to compare.  The explanation of the game world is:

The world’s governments are controlled by mega-corporations, democracy to the highest bidder. Society is structured for the benefit of those in power. The poor exist in the dark squalid underbelly of the city, while the wealthy swim in opulence and luxury on the upper tiers, and the vast middle-class are too comfortable with their lives of convenience to see the world for what it really is. Corporate police patrol the streets, brutally maintaining the status quo, all under the guise of keeping the people safe.

The time for change is now, as a mysterious organisation rises from the slums of the city. They’ll have to bribe, steal, hack and augment their way through the barriers between them and their ultimate goal…but what are they trying to achieve?  To free the masses from the corporate stranglehold, or to take control for themselves?  That, is up to you.

How you do that, is up to you.  You can use brute force or espionage – propaganda is even a tool at your disposal.  I’ve gotta say, this game looks rather impressive to me.  It’s no wonder that the Kickstarter population approved!  They managed to meet and exceed their £350,000 goal, and the game is looking even better than when they first started looking for money.  Here is a gameplay visualization trailer:

And here is some impressive artwork.  



You can still throw money at them if you’re so inclined.  Otherwise, you can wait for the game to come out on PC, Mac and Linux.

Last Updated: July 25, 2013

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