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Take-Two announces sales figures, Rockstar are well Rockstars

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Rockstar is a strange gaming company in that they only release a handful of titles but pretty much without fail every single one of them does fantastically at retail.

Obviously we all know the GTA series has done well, however did you know it has now sold over 100 000 000 copies with the latest iteration, GTA IV, selling over 20 million so far.

But that’s not all.

Rockstar also create the racing title, Midnight Club, which has now sold over 18 million units while Max Payne has now breached the 7 million mark.

Red Dead Redemption has also broken the 7 million sales mark and it would be a brave person who predicts L.A. Noire not matching these figures after a year on the market.

Rockstar isn’t the only company Take-Two can be proud off though with 2K’s Bioshock selling over 8 million and Gearbox’s Borderlands selling over 4 million.

Mafia from 2K has broken through the 5 million mark while Civilisation (Firaxis) has already gone over the 10 million mark.

Source: Superogatory via VG247

Last Updated: March 11, 2011

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