Talk for free with 2000 of your closest friends

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PlayStation Access has confirmed that you will be able to use free party chat with up to 2000 players in your friend list with the PS4. This feature will be accessible without needing a PS Plus account.

Really, 2000 friends?  According to Facebook, I currently have 515 friends, and I can tell you now I wouldn’t recognize half of them if I saw them on the street (old school friends seem to get drastically fat or thin), and I probably wouldn’t want to play games with 10% of them.  Who needs 2000 friends on PlayStation?

Other things that were confirmed in the latest PlayStation Access video include that you will need PS Plus to play online and that the PS4 will not support the old DualShock 3 controllers, but it will support the PlayStation Move.  Oh, but you can carry over your PS3 avatar to the PS4.  You can watch the video here if you want to see for yourself.

Last Updated: July 30, 2013