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Teams are doing it in the Do Gaming League

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DGL 2013

Week two of the Do Gaming League kicked off this Tuesday and it’s hard to believe that hundreds of matches have taken place in a matter of only ten days. Needless to say that picking out the potential dominators of the league is a tough task, the league spans across eleven titles and over 4000 entries. 

Let’s take a look at the Premier titles and which teams have been winning (no, not Charlie Sheen winning).

Premier titles are basically the games in the league who receive the most coverage fro Do Gaming because they receive the most entries and have proven to be or expected to be the most competitive. The titles labelled “Popular Leagues” on the Do Gaming League site are:

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – 95 teams
  • Battlefield 3 – 58 teams
  • Dota 2 – 115 teams
  • League of Legends – 79 teams

Week 1 Results!

Black Ops 2: The Black Ops 2 Summer Leg consists of ten groups with 10 teams in each of them. Because this is anew game, teams need to play it out in groups in order to be seeded in future legs, in other words be sorted into divisions according to their performance. Here are the teams who are ranked first in their groups:

Group A: Fatality (FatalityBO2)

Group B: Republic of Gamers (RoG~ZA~RAMPAGE)

Group C: The Bunny Legion (TBL*Dream Crushers*)

Group D: OverPoweredGamingZA (OpG .BlitzenKriegers)

Group E: puRe elemeNT Gaming (puRe’elemeNT

Group F: Energy eSports (eN.Frost)

Group G: eVo_ZA (eVo_za’RaiD

Group H: Republic of Gamers (RoG~ZA~MAXIMUS)

Group I: Konsentrasie Knights (|KK|Knights)

Group J: Problem? Gaming ([P].Solvers)

Battlefield 3: Based on the existing ladder from last year (there sults from last year’s league) Battlefield 3 teams have been seeded or placed in divisions. The following teams are currently leading in their respective divisions:

Premier Division (10 teams): Bravado Gaming (bvd.Battlefield 3)

First Division (10 teams): IconiK Gaming (=iK=Syntax)

Second Division (38 teams):

Group A – Tied in first place:

  • Aim 2 Kill (A2K-Alpha Kill)
  • Battlefield Community (|BFC|-sl-Sisera)
  • HyPr Xtreme (HpX|T.R.O.L.L.S)
  • Ground Zero Gaming (GZG Elite)
  • Divided Motion Gaming ([dM]Alpha Team)

Group B: Never Say Die ([NSD]Sons of Chaos)

Group C: Republic of Gamers (RoG~ZA~Durex Brigade~)

Group D: Vertix Gaming (=vTx=Strike Force 1)

Dota 2: An astonishing 116 teams entered this league with only one retirement so far. Teams have been placed in three divisions, teams who competed in last year’s DGL Dota 2 Cup reserved seedings based on their rankings. Top teams in the league are:

Premier Division (8 teams): Team Immersion (iM’Bashers)

First Division (8 teams): Icon Gaming (Icon.G|D2)

Second Division (99 teams):

Group A: Amplitude E-Sports (AES.Knights)

Group B: The Brick Cult (TBC – DotA)

Group C: Advance Coalition of Gamers (aCoG`Dota)

Group D: It’s F^&king Insane (IFI Dota2)

Group E: Blue Jean Bomse (BJB-Dota II)

Group F: Tied in first place

  • UberSoldaten (.UbS|Juke)
  • Eclipse.Fem (ECF.fem)
  • Drugs n’ Energy (dNe^reQ)

Group G: League of Extraordinary Gamers (LXGDota 2)

Group H: Rebels From Hell (RFH NightMarez)

Group I: Tied in first place

  • FriendlyForest Creatures (FFC |)
  • JustForLols (JFL’bois)
  • 3Dza (3Ddota2)

Group J: Tied in first place

  • Deviation Gaming (DvG?Cthulhu)
  • Clippity Cloppity (|cC|.)

League of Legends: Do Gaming has added League of Legends as a new title to their league, little did we know that there were so many gamers who’d want to compete in it. 79 teams have entered this league and because there are no previous results they’ve been divided into groups to battle it out prove who the best teams are. The teams taking the early lead are:

Group A: Tied in first place

  • Void Tactics Gaming (VTG – We Tempt Fate)
  • Revo Gaming (ReVo | Renegades)

Group B: The Elite ([TE]SofaKings)

Group C: The Nerd Herd (NERDS Meese)

Group D: Tied in first place

  • League of Feeders (LoF | Manmode)
  • AppleTreeGardens (ATG’A)

Group E: Tied in first place

  • Twilight Crusaders (TCLoL)
  • ROCCAT SA Online Community Clan (ROCC| Element)
  • nAv Gaming (nAv | Pandas)

Group F: Tied in first place

  • Opulens Potens (OPULENS POTENS)
  • Unleash Gary (Leash.Lol )
  • Deviation Gaming (DvG?Aces)

Group G: Slaughter House Surprise (Laughter)

Group H: nAv Gaming (nAv | HFM)

Group I: Fearless Gaming ZA ([FLG]Knights)

Group J: Tied in first place

  • In Teemo We Trust (ITWT-LoL Team)
  • Visceral Effect (vE)
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Last Updated: February 7, 2013

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