Gamescom 2010: Tech Demo of "From Dust" Is Pretty Damn Impressive:

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Have you ever heard of “From Dust”? Me neither, but it’s being created by Eric Chahi, who was responsible for the games Another World, Out of this world and Heart of Darkness.

A quick search on our very own Lazygamer site made me realise that we have in fact posted about From Dust before, during E3 in fact, but the title’s name has now been changed from its original name, Project Dust. So that explains the confusion then.

From Dust is an upcoming God Game that focuses on creating the world itself more than anything else, and if you watch the video of the tech demo, you will see that what they have accomplished is pretty incredible. Water flows naturally, flora will grow and in turn, keep the soil from eroding and… oh well, there is a lot of cool stuff that you really should see for yourself.

From Dust looks really impressive which is why I was amazed to see that it will only be coming to Xbox Live and PSN. Watch the video below and see what I mean.

Last Updated: August 19, 2010

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