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Techland handpick ten awesome mods for Dying Light

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Have you played and finished Dying Light? Have you unlocked every easter egg, klapped every achievement, and explored every single centimetre of Harran? Want more? If you own a PC version of the game, you’re in luck. Techland released the game’s developer tools out into the wild a few months ago. As a result, there are now a ton of mods to choose from in the market. Techland have chosen some of their favourites for you to try.

Here’s a neat, less-than-three-minute video showcasing them all very briefly (via VG247):

There’s a nice mix of platforming and action to choose from. Interested? Here are the links to all the mods showcased above:

I myself have not yet had the pleasure of playing Dying Light (my PC would likely roll over and die If I even tried to get it to push out those shiny, gloriously gruesome pixels). If I had though, the de_dust2 mod would be the first one I’d try. It looks like it has been ripped straight out of Counter-Strike, and filled with some nice zombie AI to dispatch.

What about you? Which mod appeals to you the most? Will you find some time this weekend to try any?

Last Updated: June 12, 2015

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