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Teen sends death threats from stolen Xbox Live account

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With the inherent paranoia exacerbated by  mumblings about “video game related” school shootings – particularly somewhere with heightened fears and readily available arms, one way to make yourself rather damned unpopular would be to go about saying you’re going to perpetrate one such shooting.

An even more reprehensible thing to do would be to hijack somebody else’s Xbox Live account – and do it from there; which is precisely what a teenage douchebag from Maryland did. He’s now in quite a bit of trouble.

An unnamed teen managed to steal a random person’s Xbox live login details somehow, using a copy of Madden, and used those details to send death threats of the columbine ilk to over a 100 people, including students at Berkeley Heights High School.

“After obtaining this user name and password the Maryland teenager sent a message to nearly 100 people, including students at Berkeley Heights High School pretending to be the user,” said Union County Prosecutor Theodore Romankow. In that message, the prankster claimed he’d bring a gun to school the next day, and would be using it to unburden fellow students from the shackles of life.

“At no time were students in Berkeley Heights in any danger,” said Romankow. “This appears to be a teenage prank.” Yeah, hilarious.

Concerned parents, once alerted to the threat contacted police who, using their digital tracking skills, managed to locate the idiot, who’s now been arrested and charged, presumably for being a giant knob. Thankfully the game in question wasn’t Bulletstorm, or there’d have been charges of rape as well.

Source : HotbloodedGaming

Last Updated: February 11, 2011

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