Tekken 6 – Vengeance Trailer

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I have never been a Tekken fan myself, I prefered the realism of the Dead or Alive series…  Don’t ruin it, let me believe it’s all real.

Anyway back to the point… … … Sorry I am still stuck thinking about DOA4.

When it comes to fighting games there are few out there that can match the pedigree of the Tekken series, the first Tekken hit the PlayStation 1 an incredible 14 years ago.

This next iteration is bringing with it multi tiered levels, a Rage bar and possibly the coolest addition yet to the series, Item attacks. 

An Item attack is when a character gets to uses an item to attack an opponent which isn’t that groundbreaking, but the Bryan Fury character’s item is a shotgun… so all that Gears of War training is really going to be put to good use after all.

Last Updated: February 6, 2009

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