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A lazygamer party

Over here at lazygamer, we like to have a good time. Sure, that good time normally involves a strange mixture of grunting and alcohol, except for Darryn who exchanges alcohol for his own hand. No really, we want to hear about all your cool events, parties, tournaments and shindigs.

If you haven’t noticed, we now have a fancy shmancy events page/calendar. Go look at it! As you can see, it’s looking a bit empty – not because we’re antisocial (although some of our contingent are less than outgoing) but because we need you, the community, to send us your events. Are you organizing a LAN in Brits? Or how about a Dota 2 tournament in Kimberly? Maybe you’re trying to put together a small cosplay get together in Durban. We want to know about it.

It’s really quite simple – send us an email using our nifty contact form with all the event details. If you have a picture, let us know so we can write back and get it from you to make your event look snazzy. I will then post said even to our page. Well, at the moment I’m doing the posting, but I will probably pass it on to an abused intern in the future. Still, give us the details, and you can get posted on our calendar for all to see.

Speaking of events, we want to see all of you, too. I will be organizing some monthly get togethers that involve laughter, drinking and possibly more habaneros if Gavin gets his way. I have a sense of places I’d like to use, but you all probably get out more than I do considering that Geoff keeps me chained to my desk. So, if you’d like to recommend a location for a community get together, feel free to share – this way I can willfully ignore you when I choose a pub/bar that’s around the corner from my house.

Last Updated: January 7, 2014

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