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The 3DS gets a firmware update too, adds “accomplishments”

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While some Xbox Live users are  still left without the paid-for online service after having updated their consoles to the latest, admittedly sexy firmware, Nintendo 3DS users are finding that their system’s also privy to a firmware update.

The update adds 3D video recording, which is pretty neat – even if it is quite low res. It also lays the groundwork for publishers to begin selling (and hopefully in some instances, giving away) DLC and adds a bunch of new collectible hats to the Streetpass Mii Plaza, via the new built-in RPG tat now features branching paths, potions and a little more interactivity. Those of you who’ve collected all the puzzle pieces will also delight to know that there’s a bunch of new ones. Hooray!

   Keen eyed observers have noticed something else too; The 3DS now has it’s own achievements copy-cat in the form of “accomplishments,” that tracks what you do in-game and rewards you for completing specific actions. There’s no numerical point value attached to them, unlike the Xbox 360’s achievements and the PS3’s trophies and for now they’re limited only to the built-in Streetpass games, but it’s likely future games will have support.

The update also allows you to transfer your data and games to a new system should yours get lost or killed in a boating accident. 

Achievements are the best and worst things introduced in videogames. Anything that gets people to fully explore and experience the games they buy is ok by me, but the problem comes when people start treating their Gamerscores or trophies as digital extensions of their genitals – and end up buying the wrong games for the wrong reasons, giving publishers the false idea that gamers actually like playing horrible games like Avatar, Jumper and Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Last Updated: December 7, 2011

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