The 501st Legion take the Ice Bucket Challenge

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The Internet, and by extension, the world, is a strange place filled with odd creatures known as human beings. Their actions make zero sense at least half of the time, which means zilch (0 x 1/2 = 0). You can’t fight with those numbers, my maths is sound!

You may recall the Neknomination, where people of the Internet downed a drink as fast as they could, nominating friends to do the same in the process. It was a strange time for humankind, but this strangeness is yet to fade from existence.

The latest trend is the ice bucket challenge. People fill a bucket of water with dozens of ice cubes, before dumping it on themselves. SCIENCE! We won’t look like utter fools to any extraterrestial observers at least, because this particular challenge is actually raising awareness and funds for ALS – Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, otherwise known as motor neurone disease. Gavin told you all about gamers getting involved, and he even took the challenge himself.

According to Kotaku, JJ Abrams, the director of the upcoming Star Wars movie, nominated the 501st Legion to take the challenge. They are a huge worldwide group of Star Wars cosplayers. They accepted. The resulting video is oddly hypnotic, as dozens of people dressed in Star Wars costumes get doused with icey water.

While the idea is silly, I do like that it is being used for good. What do you think? Silly Internet fad or something that is helping the world?

(August 23, 2014

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