THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Comic Con panel was all about the villains

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Spider-man, Spider-Man, swings into a comic book convention like a spider can. Meets Marc Webb, and fans of many sizes, Andrew Garfield catches panties on the fly. Look out! Here comes the Amazing Spider-Man 2 news!

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While the first reboot of the spectacular wall-crawler may have been a bit of  a let-down, one aspect of the film that director Marc Webb got right was in the casting for Peter Parker/ Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield got heavy praise as the wall-crawler, in a role that he clearly enjoyed. In fact, he enjoyed it so much that he showed up at Comic Con in costume and character.  You can watch that little bit of hilarity below where Garfield fields a couple of questions and meets the unstoppable might of a Comic-Con rent-a-cop, but a ton more details were revealed at the panel.

For starters, let’s talk Electro. While the upcoming sequel may feature the Sinister Six Thousand at the rate that Webb is casting, Jaime Foxx and his electric alter-ego will be taking the center-stage as the primary villain of this flick. Footage of Electro was shown in Hall H. And don’t expect this iteration of the classic villain to be easily thwarted. Webb wanted to create a villain that was more than just a match for Spidey, but on the verge of godhood as well.

Combined with some daddy issues, betrayed trust and a comb-over that should not exist, and Electro is one massive ball of emotionally unstable energy. As for some of those other villains, Webb revealed that they’ll be there as a method of showing just how adept Parker has become as the Spider-Man. He’s in his prime, got a ton of fans and Gwen still loves the man underneath the mask. So thrown in a character like the Rhino, played by Paul Giamatti, and you’ve got some fun factor hijinks in the film before the tone gets all dark and sombre with the arrival of Electro.

Don’t rule out the appearance of Norman Osborn though. From what was shown at Comic Con, he won’t be in a business suit yet, but he will be sporting a straight jacket instead as a resident of the Ravencroft Mental Institution. The Rhino will appear as the opening villain of the sequel, while Shailene Woodley will make an appearance as Mary Jane, albeit only in the third film…in 2016.

Speaking to Coming Soon at the event, Marc Webb also revealed the foundation for the film, how this sequel was setting up events that were yet to come, but would not derail the current sequel from being a standalone film of sorts:

The universe we had conceived of began before we started shooting the first movie. There were seeds that had developed around us, but the primary focus was executing this movie as best as we all could. Contained is an interesting word. There is a hugeness of scale to this movie. The ensemble is pretty extraordinary. There is a simple unifying theme that is at the heart of the film that will be very impactful. It was fun to tease out little bits of pieces of other characters and if you pay attention in this next movie, you’ll see other things that might be in store for us in the future.

You’ll have to wait and see. We really want to be protective of the plot of the movie. We want to protect the enjoyment that people should have when they walk into a theater and experience the movie for the first time. That’s a really fun thing to do. So rather than being coy and dodgy that’s really what our intention is. There is a lot of thought and a lot of consideration, a lot of detail work and a lot of meetings behind closed doors about how the universe unfolds, but we are going to be very protective of how we reveal that information.

Webb didn’t rule out the Sinister Six appearing in future films, teasing Crave with the following Quote:

Think about the Gentleman. I’m just saying. Put that in your… There’s your little tidbit. Think about The Gentleman.

The Gentleman happens to be the character responsible for gathering The Sinister Six in a Spider-Man graphic novel, which just so happens to be titled The Gathering of the Sinister Six. I’ll give Webb credit. He’s certainly going in his own direction for the sequels, a direction that Sony will hopefully have far less meddling in. That was one of the main problems with the reboot, which led to a lackluster performance. But Spider-Man 2 is starting to sound like the kind of film that Spider-Man 1 should have been.

It’ll be web-slinging into theatres next year May.

Last Updated: July 22, 2013

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