The Amazing Spider Man – Launch Trailer and review round up

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Most of the media attention was focused on just one big game released yesterday, Spec Ops: The Line; an emotionally weighty first person shooter that doesn’t tackle war itself – but rather its consequences. It’s really rather good. There is another title that swung in to action yesterday; Beenox’s film tie-in to the Amazing Spider-Man.

If you’re a fan of Spidey, it seems like a must-have. Here’s what the reviews are saying:

Gamespot – 7.5: When developer Beenox gives Spidey room to soar, you get caught up in the pure elation of swinging through a spirited city, where helicopters hover overhead and well-wishers call out to you in the streets. And that elation is the best reason to don the suit once more and remind yourself that with great power comes good fun.
IGN – 7.0: The visuals aren’t stunning, the story isn’t crazy exciting, and the missions get repetitive. But The Amazing Spider-Man is fun to play.
EGM – 80: The best Spider-Man adventure in years isn’t quite what it should’ve been. Developer Beenox actually crams too much into the package, cluttering what could’ve been a landmark tale for Marvel’s wall-crawler.
Team XBox – 7.0: Beenox has set a standard for Spider-Man games. Even though it has a few quirks, The Amazing Spider-Man is one of the best renditions of the superhero yet.
GamingTrend – 88: Beenox has done the impossible. The Amazing Spider-Man is a return to the days when I enjoyed web-slinging through New York City. They’ve made a story worth enjoying, and wrapped it in a game worth playing.

Here’s the launch trailer:

Last Updated: June 27, 2012

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