The Attachment Race – Everyone Wins

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NPD has released their latest stats regarding the attachment rates per console. Attachment rates indicate how many games an average person buys per console and is an invaluable asset when trying to spin the marketing.

Gamasutra has kindly done the marketers job for them and given each console their own good spin on the stats, lets take a look at how it breaks down.


Sony’s attachment rate is up 73% this year clearly showing that it is becoming the console of choice of real gamers


The Wii has sold the most amount of software this year easily outstripping the PS3 and Xbox 360 showing that it is the console of choice for real gamers.

Xbox 360

The 360 has the highest lifetime sales with over 91 million units shifted showing that it is the console of choice for real gamers.

So great everyone wins but which of the three consoles actually has the highest attachment rate?

The PS3 has an attachment rate of 5.3 while the Wii has an attachment rate of 5.5, however the clear winner is the Xbox 360 with an attachment rate of 8.1

And you wonder why developers take that little extra effort with the 360 ports with stats like these in their mind?

Source: Gamasutra

Last Updated: October 23, 2008

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