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The Benefits of Using Bonuses to Play Online Games

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In the iGaming sector, using a bonus is like a rite of passage. You have to experience it regardless of your gaming preferences. Are there benefits to using online bonuses?

The short answer is yes. Bonuses have many benefits for players. The long answer is that bonuses are great only if they come with fair terms and conditions. In this article, we’ll give you reasons to claim gaming bonuses. We’ll also share tips to help you discover the best promotions.

#1: Test Drive New Gaming Sites

Gaming sites have one similarity with new cars. They look great on the surface. Yet, you don’t want to spend your money before you’re certain they work as advertised. 

No-deposit bonuses help you test-drive new casinos. They allow you to play a site’s slot machines and table games before you even link your favorite payment method. The best bonuses allow you to withdraw your winnings. 

If you use a bonus to play your favorite slots, win, and withdraw your profits stress-free, there’s a strong chance you’ll spend actual money at the site. Yet, you would probably have avoided the casino if it didn’t give you a bonus.

While test-driving gaming sites, look beyond the games. Verify that a site secures your data using SSL. Ensure you can secure your account with a password or Two-Factor Authentication. 

#2: Increase your Bankroll

Bonuses boost your bankroll tremendously. In the US, most casinos match your first deposit 100% for a maximum of $2000. The actual size of a bonus depends on where you live and how much you deposit.

According to casinos.us, the best PA online casino sites welcome you with a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $2000. Some of the iGaming operators also give you extra betting credits with no wager requirements.

Wager requirements dictate the number of times you need to play through a bonus. Let’s assume you receive a $50 bonus with 30x WRs. You would need to spend $1500 at the casino before you can withdraw your winnings.

Now imagine you also have the option to claim a $50 bonus with 15 WRs. You would only need to spend $750. In light of that information, always claim bonuses with the most convenient number of wager requirements.

#3: Try New Games Risk-Free

One of the best reasons to claim bonuses is that they can help you try different casino games risk-free. Let’s say you love slots. But you only spend money on your favorite games.

Bonuses can give you the confidence to play new slots without worrying about losing money. Maybe it’s a new slot with cluster symbols. Or perhaps it has huge multipliers.

You can use your bonus to play the slot. If you’re lucky, you might win money in the process. Otherwise, you can use this experience to decide whether to spend more time on the new game or not.

If you’re always afraid of playing table games because they cost more than slots, claim bonuses. Look out for live casino bonuses. They’re designed specifically for playing live poker, blackjack, roulette, and craps.

#4: Experiment New Strategies

Another reason to claim a casino bonus is that you can use the free betting credits to try new strategies. Let’s assume you just discovered the Basic blackjack strategy on YouTube.

Everyone is singing praises about the strategy, says Techopedia. You’ve also heard it’s legal and that you could even use a cheat sheet while playing real money games. What now? Claim a bonus to play online blackjack.

As mentioned, look out for live blackjack bonuses. Live gaming allows you to play the game against a human opponent. It’s more entertaining. You can socialize with the dealer and use their weaknesses to your advantage.

#5: Maximize Your Profits

When you think about it, bonuses can help you maximize your casino profits. Let’s use an example. You just received a $100 deposit-based bonus. The casino then asks you to use your deposit amount before you can touch your bonus.

After spending your $100 deposit amount, you win $80. You’re $20 in the hole. Next, you decide you use up your bonus. Luckily, you win $500 on a high-paying slot machine. You now have a $580 profit after only depositing $100 initially.

Beyond helping you maximize profits, bonuses can also help you minimize your losses. Think about no-deposit free spins. They allow you to enjoy online games without spending your money.

Sometimes you need to deposit money to receive a bonus. That’s alright. The bonus allows you to extend your gaming time. And if you lose some of the bonus, you don’t have to feel a lot of regret now that the money isn’t coming out of your account balance.

#6: Get Value for Your Money

Nearly every online casino has promotions for new and loyal customers. Some of the bonuses can help you maximize your money. Think about free spins with zero wager requirements.

Sure, you might be required to make a deposit to receive these bonuses. But once you receive a bonus and use it to win, you can cash out your profits hassle-free. In other words, these promotions can help you reap maximum benefits while playing online games.

Some bonuses are designed to keep you loyal to a casino. They might be cashback deals, loyalty points or reload bonuses. Regardless, each of these bonuses helps you enjoy online gaming without spending too much money in the process.

#7: Choose Gaming Sites Better

Knowing how to select casino bonuses is a skill you can use to compare and find quality casinos. Think about this. Most gaming sites out there offer the same types of slots and table games.

They have similar payment options. Nearly all of them work on mobile devices and support live gaming. The best way to differentiate gaming sites is to check their promotions.

What bonuses do different casinos give you? Let’s say two sites have 100% bonuses worth up to $1000. Next, you can check the bonus terms. If one casino offers you better wager requirements, that’s the bonus you should choose.

Last Updated: September 15, 2023

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