The best and worst games for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4

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Though there’s a tonne of games coming to the new consoles, right now it’s arguable that there’s just not enough great gaming content to justify getting a “new gen” console. Is that really true? There are fantastic games available for each system – along with terrible games. Let’s take a look at the best and worst for each system.

Though this is all really subjective stuff, we’ll be taking a loot at the top, and bottom ranked games for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, using everybody’s favourite game ranking aggregator, Metacritic – and it doesn’t really paint a particularly compelling picture.

According to Metacritic, these are the top 3 games for the shiny new PS4:


Thatgamecompany’s new-gen port of its zen-like nothing simulator flower comes out on top, with a score of 91. I love flower, but it’s ludicrous that any list has that as the best PlayStation 4 game. Next up, we have Rayman Legends and TowerFall Ascension, both tied with 90. Rayman Legends is a wonderful game, but it’s a port from the last gen. TowerFall is insanely fun, couch-based  competitive multiplayer – though it too is ported over from the Ouya of all things.

The first exclusive title to feature is Housemarque’s fantastic Resogun, which has a ranking of 84 and comes in 9th on the list. The first exclusive retail game to feature is inFamous: Second Son, with just 80.

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As for the worst games? The dubious accolades go to  NBA Live 14 with a horrible 43, Putty Squad with 35 and Basement Crawl with a lowly 29.

Looking over at the Xbox side of things, the top 3 games are all multiplatform ports.

Rayman Legends takes the top spot with 91, followed by – ugh – sport. Football simulator FIFA 14 with 88 comes in second, followed by NBA 2K14 with 86.


The first exclusive, Titanfall, is tied for third along with Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. Titanfall isn’t a proper exclusive either, making the first first exclusive to feature on the list Forza Motorsport 5 with 80.

The Xbox One’s worst games are LocoCycle – originally intended for the 360 – with a rather poor 48. NBA Live 14 is the only game to feature on both worst lists, with 36 for the Xbox One version. The lowest-scoring game on the Xbox One is Ubisoft’s much maligned Kinect-only monstrosity Fighter Within.


Looking purely at the Metacritic numbers, it doesn’t really seem that there’s much reason right now to get either system – but looking solely at Metacritic to make your decisions for you doesn’t seem all that smart to me.

Last Updated: March 27, 2014

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