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The best and worst of the last week (13 July 2012)

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So here’s something new, a lot of people get confused about the philosophy that we hold at Lazygamer and we often get accused of not reporting on the news in an unbiased manner… yes that’s the point. We are not pretending to be the next CNN or BBC but rather an opinionated news source that gives you the facts and then gives you our take on the facts.

So in this new little section we’re going to be letting you know what we think was the best news that came out of the industry over the last week as well as the worst and just for fun we’ll also include the most popular and least popular stories rated by comments… and so we begin

 ION Header

First up, the most popular ION header image of the last 7 days returns to showcase this article, the beautiful Ms Alyssa Miller who didn’t receive a single negative comment when she made an appearance on the 10th of July and it’s easy to see why.

Worst Story

Angry Birds to cost HOW much on consoles?

The worst story for me this week was easily the ridiculous pricing that Angry Birds has been given on consoles, for a game that costs less than $6 to pick up all the versions on iPhone is now being shopped around at $40 on consoles. And to make things worse they’ve removed the PSN version that was one of the most popular downloads.

It’s just pure greed and it’s crap like this that ruins the industry. Rovio and Activision should be ashamed of themselves

Best Story

Cosplay resources for South Africans

It’s a bit disappointing that none of the staff writers managed to write the best story this week but this cosplay article from KomboKitten wins my best story of the week simply because it showcases a little known section of our local gaming community that can compete with the best of them worldwide

Most Popular

The most popular story of the week is awarded to the story with the most comments (or hits if they are wildly high*) and this week it goes to GTA V won’t save the crumbling video game industry with 86 comments and counting…

Least Popular

And the least popular was Darryn’s Tekken article (Tekken X Street Fighter might actually release within our lifetime) which received a solitary comment from Erwin who was simply letting us know he was excited about the ION for that day.. so nothing about the article at all.

Comment of the week

As much fun as we have posting nonsense about the gaming industry, we’re all about you – our community. The best comment from you this week comes from Tracy Benson, who took a but of umbrage to our Homegrown Hottie this week, saying “”She looks like she’s just gotten back from the dentist and her face is numb up to the eyeballs.”

And that’s that, let us know if you like the idea or what else you’d prefer to see and TGIF.

*We don’t measure by hits as I’ve always been far more interested in the discussion and the readers themselves rather than sheer numbers so we’ll only talk about hits if something goes viral

Last Updated: July 13, 2012

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