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The best and worst of the last week (23 November 2012)

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And here we are again, at the end of the week. The time dilation effects are in full swing over on my side, as I cannot believe that five days have flown by so quickly again. Or maybe I’m an amnesiac immortal, and this is the only way that my brain can cope with living thousands of years. HEEEEEEEEEEERE WE ARE, BORN TO BE KINGS, WE’RE THE PRINCES OF THE UUUUUUUNIVERSE. HERE’S OUR WEEKLY ROUND-UP, FIGHTING TO SURVIVE, IN THE WAR WITH THE DARKEST RATINGS!

ION Header of the week


This week was an easy one, and not because it featured a model who had her pictures done with a blackberry phone. Veronika Gomez captured all our hearts and imaginations this week, and she won hands down. And not because she has a Batman tattoo near her nethers. Totally not.

Best story

Space combat and exploration is coming back with a bang baby! Chris Roberts, the man behind Wing Commander and that awesome film based on the game, is bringing that neglected genre back, and while it may not be on console, at least it’ll burn your GPUs brighter than a supernova with it’s ambitious visuals and ideas.

And it’s all thanks to you guys for funding it. Bless ya!

Worst story

The Wii U is expensive, make no mistake, Still, it’s got fans locally and abroad, who can feel the technolust creeping into them to buy that console. Sad news is, is that it will need a day one firmware patch of 5 gigs to really get the most out of it. And if you bugger up that update, you might be left with one very expensive brick on your hands.

Most commented story

Well well well, looks like we got us a Mexican stand-off over here! As of midnight last night, myself, Yolanda and Geoff were all tied up in a three-way (Not that kind ya perves), for most commented story. Between my Far Cry 3 review round up, Geoff asking what you want to see on a next-gen Xbox and Yolanda’s boereview for Farming Simulator 2013, we were neck and neck and neck this week.

But after the dust had settled, and we had fired our stats, only one person could remain standing, and that person was…Yolanda. Damn, she’s quicker than she looks.

Least commented story

But Yolanda did not get to ride off into the sunset as she expected to, because with my dying breath, I squeezed off a round and caught her with the dubious distinction of having least comments on a story this week.

Looks like that BlizzCon story sealed your fate Yolanda.

Best header image


Boom! I’m ending this week on a high note, and not the kind that is only legal in Washington these days! EA has big plans for their Battlefield series, but at the same time, they don’t want developer DICE to become a one trick pony. And that’s something that I can understand perfectly and express, with my photoshop magic. Because everypony dug it this week.

Best comment

Limericks. They’re fantastic, funny and a perfect way for Geoff and I to express our mutual hate for one another with destructive banter. So anyone who used a limerick in the last 24 hours, automatically wins comment of the week. Here’s the wonderful adlibs so far, that Geoff, myself, Matt Hurst,, Llew and Ultimo_cleric put through. Links here, and here.

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