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The best and worst of the last week (27 July 2012)

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Can you believe it’s already Friday again and that means we need to wrap up the last week and see what tickled your fancy and what you really couldn’t have cared less about. We also tell you what we thought were the best stories of the week, the best comment of the week and the sexiest ION header and really all I need is a new intro as that was a blatant cut and paste from last week

ION Header

Our favourite ION of the week is Herika Noronha who not only got only positive responses but apparently is also safe to search for, thanks Jarrod, and is wearing such nice lingerie that one of our lovely lady readers couldn’t but help mention it

Worst Story

The worst story we reported on this week has to be Anti-racism gaming website gets taken down. By racism, it saddens me no end that there is still such hatred in the world, but that’s not what actually depressed me the most. The worst part of all was that there are apparently racists who read this site and took it upon themselves to downvote supportive comments on this article.

Let me be clear here about my opinion, if you are a racist you are a moron and we don’t like you and would prefer you got your entertainment news elsewhere

Best Story

On the best story side I’m pulling rank and going for Geoff’s Nintendo 3DS XL review – An idiot’s guide to the 3DS XL, not because of it’s breaking news coverage or story but for the amount of effort that Geoff put into testing the 3DS XL and the amount of detail that the article contained.

We don’t usually get the time to really go in depth in our articles and this was a nice change for us.

Most Popular

But in the end it doesn’t matter what we like, the most important thing is what you like and the most commented article of the week award goes to Was the Aurora Batman murderer a gamer? with a substantial 85 comments, mostly decrying the fact that gaming is blamed for the worlds evils with no real backing or reason.

Least Popular

And on the other end of the spectrum, the article which no one cared about over the last week was written by me.. damn it.. I can be honest here and say the only reason I wrote Sony to reveal two unannounced titles at Gamescom is simply because it was a spectacularly slow news day and I needed something… but it still sucks to be me right now

Comment of the week

And my favourite part of the show, comment of the week and really with the return of lans this week how could the award not go to one of his pearls of wisdom such as this one

Your a hopeless case retire from the UNIVERSE. OMG what is wrong with you HOW CAN YOU VALIDATE AN APPLE WITH A PEAR. I GIVE NO %$^ about Simraceway or LFS TURD GRAPHICS. You got some serious balls mentioning those games. My goodness. Not even in the same league. Hey youtube gt5 data logger then stfu. THE TRUTH!!! YOU DON"T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE TRUTH IS IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU COW!!!! The TRUTH HURTS IF IT"S THE TRUTH!!!!!!!

What the F does truth mean mr DRIVE MAGAZINE!!!! WHAT IS TRUTH !!!! BECAUSE IT SURE AS HELL IS NOT WHAT U ARE TELLING ME!!!!~!!!!!~!!!

Never before have I seen someone explode as badly as lans does against anyone who doesn’t love GT5

That’s it for the week, tomorrow is JHBGamers, tonight is DBNGamers and next week is 2UpGamers (CT) so if you want to win a Nintendo 3DS XL then click on the one that is closest to you and pull in.

Last Updated: July 27, 2012

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