The best gaming April Fools this year

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Iljn steam powered steam machine

Oh 1 April, what a fun day you are. We decided not to partake in the tomfoolery this year. I had a genius idea but I was vetoed, so we decided to fool you all by making you suspect every single article. Joke’s on you! Plenty of other places pulled pranks, though, and here are some of our favorites.

Matty already told you about Google Maps letting you play Pac-Man through your favorite streets. But there is oh so much more.

First up, PlayStation Flow “A watershed moment in wearable tech”. It reminds me of that prank a few years back that said a new iPhone update would make your phone waterproof. Anyway, PlayStation Flow claims to let you enjoy the underwater section of a game like you’ve always wanted – in an actual pool. Here’s a video showing us how.

Local is leaker with this review for Mortal Kombat X over on SAGamer. But if you prefer something truly foreign, here’s a prank from Capcom featuring Ace Attorney… and dogs.

Is it wrong that I would totally play that?

Finally Blizzard also got in on the fun with Big Head Mode. Always wanted a better chance with headshots, and examining your character’s majestic antlers or brazen beards? Well, now that wish can come true thanks to their silly April Fools joke.

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Last Updated: April 1, 2015

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