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The best thing for Battlefield 3 on consoles was a PC Lead Platform

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PC gamers have grown accustomed to Consoles being the lead platform for games. For most developers it makes sense; consoles are where the money is. Unfortunately for PC gamers it often leaves their versions of the game inferior; buggy, unsuited to their more powerful hardware or saddled with controls and menus that don’t quite gel with the keyboard and mouse controls PC gamers swear by. It’s something we saw with id’s recently released Rage, which runs wonderfully on consoles but can be a broken mess on PC’s. id’s John Carmack admitted that they didn’t see the PC as lead platform on the title.

As we’ve seen with Battlefield 3, of which the PC version was lead and given extra love – that the tide is changing, and the platform is getting the attention it deserves. Thing is, it’s beneficial to console games as well, or so says Battlefield producer Patrick Bach.

“Our biggest benefit for the console has been that we’re leading on PC,” Bach said to PC Gamer. “It has forced us to push the limited technology of consoles compared to the PC to a new level, because we set the bar with what we wanted to create on PC and said, ‘How the heck are we going to do this on consoles?’”

“Developing primarily on PC made DICE prioritise its decisions on what to ditch in the console version. The PC version can include things that are “really cool but not key for the gaming experience,” he said. “You know it’s easier for you to make those decisions when you have a robust PC build to look at, and the console versions look great because of the PC.”

Personally, I think that although current consoles are still capable of giving us great gaming experiences, with their hardware being as old as it is it really is in gamers’ best interest for developers to lead on PC, and push the boundaries of gaming – with regards to graphics, AI and gameplay – as far as they can. It’ll give us better games in the end, and give developers an edge when the next generation of consoles does roll around.

Last Updated: October 27, 2011

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