The Big Show was impressed by WWE 2K15

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I was one of the lucky few who got to chat to The Big Show during Gamescom. Even some big wigs at 2K didn’t get to meet the very large and very nice man. He told us all about his career, plans for the future, and most importantly, what he liked about 2K15.

Geoff already told us that the game is incredibly realistic, with players moving the way they should instead of just acting like re-skinned versions of the same characters. The Big Show picked up on even more aspects of realism. He said it’s so close to the real deal that he got goosebumps the first time he saw it. Characters use their normal bridges and casual movements between actions – even the way they walk, jump, and position themselves was spot on for each fighter. He went on to comment that the positions of the hands in certain holds and the way players interact was recreated with incredible precision by 2K.

While he hasn’t yet seen himself in the game, the Big Show did laugh at this physical change – since undergoing hip surgery he has gotten into better shape, losing quite a bit of weight. He is hoping that it’s a leaner Big Show in the game rather than his fat self from before.

At this point, the Big Show said his famous rivalries aren’t in the new iteration of the game. However, he would love to see some of his old big ones making appearances in future content – his favorites would be the Sheamus rivalry or even with Brock. Of course we’d also love to see his fights with the Undertaker return.

The Big Show has four more years full-time with the WWE, but he is slowly transitioning into movies, too. He enjoys playing the heel (villain) and it’s something he does with terrifying awesomeness. I hope this is a role we will see more of from him in the WWE, the games and future films.

I was particularly struck by how nice and professional The Big Show is. He clearly enjoyed playing the game and is happy to answer questions and joke around. I even tried to get his GamerTag out of him (he mentioned how much he loves playing games and rocking out on multiplayer) but he refused – he enjoys anonymously destroying everyone. Still, I’m very glad that I got to meet him and take a picture to show just how huge a human being he is. He had only good things to say about the game, and I certainly wasn’t going to second guess anything he had to say.

Last Updated: August 18, 2014

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