The Black Death is coming

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The development studio that was formerly working on “I Am Alive”, has a new title in the pipeline, one set to bring some good old fashioned thrills and chills back to the domain of first person shooters.

The upcoming survival horror shooter is set amidst a growing environment of fear and paranoia, brought on by a mysterious fog that seems to harbour murderous mutants within its smoky interior, urging players with the line of “the fog plays with you, play with the fog”.

With the origins of the current epidemic unclear, with in game theories ranging from scientific causes to an ancient apocalypse repeating itself, players will have to navigate through a city in panic, while finding a way to avoid a grisly death.

Development studio Darkworks is no stranger to the survival horror genre, having been behind games such as ALone in the Dark and Cold Fear, before shifting their efforts onto “I Am Alive” for Ubisoft, a project that has since been shifted to Ubisoft Shanghai.

Check their website out for concept art and a short video detailing a rather interesting gameplay mechanic, “Bio-Hacking”.

Black Death has no specific release date yet, but it will be available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Last Updated: June 24, 2011

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