The Brothers’ Mario Puts your Favourite Plumbers in Liberty City

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Sure, it’s been done before; we’ve seen the porcine plumber Mario and the lithe Luigi transported to darker, grittier settings – most notable in “There will be Brawl.” We’ve seen Mario/GTA mashups like Robot Chicken’s before, but this machinima by Country Club Pictures is special.

The Mushroom Kingdom is a violent underworld, with Bowser as it’s criminal kingpin, and this brilliantly edited machinima transforms the usually bright and colourful world of Mario into something that looks like the the result of a Luc Besson/Quentin Tarantino collaboration. There are gags and references from flicks like Bad Boys, The Professional and Scarface and some ridiculously clever interpretations of your favourite Mario characters.

It’s at least 403 times better than the Mario Bros movie that actually got made.

Just watch it, ok?

Last Updated: December 15, 2010

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