The Champ Has Arriv… Uh Oh, Fight Night Freezing On Xbox 360

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Oh no, it seems like the Xbox 360 version of Fight Night Round 4 may be having a few freezing issues.

There are reports coming in that the highly anticipated sequel to Fight Night Round 3 is freezing in the games loading screen. EA Sports say that It seems like the issues may be coming from files saved from the FNR4 demo, or possibly even from custom soundtracks, although nothing is completely solid.

Thankfully though, there are ways to get around the issues for all of you who are looking to pick the game up in the very near future.

The EA Community Manager has put up a thread on their forums that give workarounds and fixes for the freezing issues that people are experiencing, so it’s probably a good idea to head over the the EA Forums to check out the fixes so that if you should have the problem, you can also find a solution.

That is, until EA Sports release an update to fix the error. With certification and all that stuff that has to happen, I would say that a fix will only be ready in the absolute minimum of a week but possibly and probably more.

Source: CriousGamer

Last Updated: June 26, 2009

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