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The Dark Pictures Anthology–Little Hope is now set for a spooky 30 October release

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I’m a big fan of Supermassive Games. Frankly, I appreciate any studio out there trying to revive big budget horror games, even if they’re framed as more interactive experiences than hardcore survival video games. I adored Until Dawn and while the first entry of The Dark Pictures Anthology, Man of Medan, never quite reached the peak of that original PS4 exclusive, it was still a damn fun time. The next entry in the series, titled Little Hope, was announced a while back, but with no confirmed release date it was anyone’s guess as to when it would eventually launch. Guess we should have known a high-profile horror game would probably launch in October, right?

The latest trailer for Little Hope shows off Supermassive’s talent for excellent motion capture and exceptional graphical detail without really giving too much away regarding what happens to our cast of “lost souls”. After what I believe is a school bus that’s only carrying a handful of students (for some reason) crashes outside the haunted town of Little Hope, they’re instantly set upon by menacing visages of Blair Witch like effigies and some rather spooky looking pilgrims that one has to assume are rather cross about their deaths. The trailer also confirmed the game’s release date being 30 October 2020.


What’s also cool is the return of the multiplayer modes that made Man of Medan so much more enjoyable with friends. While Little Hope will have an oddly named “theatrical cut” single-player campaign, a two-player mode will allow you and a friend to play together and experience scenes that take place at the same time. Even better, the Movie Night mode allows five players each to pick a single character and control them throughout what I imagine would be a shortened campaign. While I enjoyed Man of Medan, Alessandro wasn’t as taken with it, writing in his review:

It’s a pity that its actual meat on the bones isn’t anywhere near as compelling as Supermassive’s first attempt with Until Dawn. With more instalments to come in the Dark Pictures universe, there’s definitely space for improvement. And if the entire package is aiming to build on the surprising success of Until Dawn, it needs to make some adjustments.

It all sounds very interesting and I’m a sucker for a spooky witch story, meaning that my Halloween plans for this year are more than sorted.

Last Updated: July 9, 2020

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