The Dawn of Blu-Ray – Part 2

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By Philip Dunkley


Following up from last week’s first 3 Blu-Ray Reviews, I promised to do another 3 this week and hopefully release 3 weekly. The interest was good, so we will carry on for another few weeks and see how this goes. I did get a few suggestions from last week’s story, and one of them specifically was to compare the Standard DVD version with the Blu-Ray version. Unfortunately this is not really possible due to time constraints and the amount of reviews we do on the gaming side, but I can pretty much guarantee you fine people that unless otherwise stated, the Blu-Ray movies look a lot better than the DVD versions, but only in Hi-Def, so at least 720p is recommended to get the full effect, and I would definitely suggest a full 1080p panel, as this looks amazing.

Right, down to the next 3 reviews.


Starring: Kate Beckinsale, Luke Wilson, Frank Whaley, Ethan Embry

Vacancy Vacancy is your typical hack and slash kind of thriller with a story that has been told quite a few times but has a nicely thought out alternative approach. A couple get stranded after their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, and end up staying the night at creepy motel until they can get the car fixed. As they start to settle down for the night, strange events start occurring around them, and when they decide to put in a movie that’s lying in the room, they find that it’s a sick murder, but what’s worse is that it’s filmed in the very room they are staying in, and so are the rest of the films.

Not a bad story, but not the most in-depth either. From a hi def point of view, Blu ray captures the dark tone of the film, and brings through the grimy situation that these two have found themselves in. The audio is great, and it will cause some hair raising moments with a well put together soundtrack that flows nicely through a decent system.

From an extra’s point of view, it’s kind of boring from this point, with a “Making Of” featurette, some deleted scenes and access to the extended versions of the “Snuff” movies shown in the film.

Overall: 70%

Daddy Day Camp

Starring: Cuba Gooding Jr, Lochlyn Munro, Richard Gant, Tamala Jones

Daddy Day Camp I don’t really want to go to into this movie purely because of two things. One, Daddy Day Care, the first movie, had Eddie Murphy in it. Secondly, the first was a decent movie in a funny kiddie kind of way.

This movie however is far from the original, it’s a complete mess from start to finish, the story is so weak it’s unbelievable, and the acting is just as bad. It’s not funny, heart wrenching, entertaining or remotely interesting whatsoever.

From a Hi-Def point of view, the picture is very sharp and the audio is good, but that’s what you expect from the format. From an extra’s point of view, it has a trivia game and a quick featurette.

Overall: 10% (I had to give it something because it at least played)

Are We Done Yet

Starring: Ice Cube, Nia Long, John C. Mcginley

Are we done yet? I was not a fan of the first movie, Are we there yet?, but I was rather surprised by this movie. It basically continues after the events of the first, and Nick and Suzanne are now married and are living together in Nick’s small apartment. They decide they need more space and move out to the country with the kids to a house that seems too good to be true, from a Real Estate Agent, who has a variety of other professions. When the house starts falling apart, Nick decides to fix it himself, and then realises he needs to call the contractor in, who was also the Real Estate Agent. A surprising performance from John C. Mcginley (the crazy doctor from Scrubs) made this movie quite bearable and rather funny in parts. It’s a good family movie that points out why it’s good to communicate with each other.

It looks great on Blu-Ray and the audio is not too bad either. From an Extra’s point of view, very little here, with a blooper reel and quiz, and a few small featurettes.

Overall: 65% (It’s Average, but decent for a family)

There we go, until next week. Thanks to Ster Kinekor for providing the Blu-Ray Movies.

All Blu-Ray Movies are reviewed on the following:

Sony Bravia 40” LCD 1080P Capable Panel, Playstation 3, Yamaha RSV-1700 Receiver, Mission M34i Speakers.

Last Updated: April 9, 2008

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