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The Division 2 kicks off its Operation Dark Hours raid on May 16

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So you’ve given the Hyena’s a good walloping and you’ve sent the Black Tusk crying back to mommy with their tails between their legs. Or you’ve made their mom’s cry because let’s face it you killed them all. So so many dead bodies in The Division 2. What’s next for the seasoned agent looking to take back control of Washington DC? A raid!

The Division 2 is finally getting that massive slice of ultimate endgame content, and it looks like an absolute doozy so far: An eight-player experience that is more than likely going to kick your ass several ways from Sunday before you finally conquer it. Operation Dark Hours will kick off on Thursday, featuring a showdown with Black Tusk in the Washington National Airport.

The main supply route of Black Tusk, players will have to take back the key location from the most heavily armed and equipped Black Tusk group operating in America’s fallen political state. Much like Destiny 2, Ubisoft is promising that the first team to wax the raid will receive immortality by having a team photo with their names displayed in the White House.

Which is going to be hilarious, because let’s face it having war heroes in the oval office next to Xxx_YoMommaScopes86_xXX is going to be priceless. To unlock the raid, players will need to have reached World Tier 5 and clock the Tidal Basin mission again. Loot, glory and even more loot await you all on May 16, with the kick-off time being 9AM PDT/6PM CEST…right after you apply the new patch.

Here’s a quick rundown of the more interesting changes coming in Title Update 3, with the more lengthy patch notes being found over here:

  • Classified Assignments: The Fall of DC – Two exclusive missions for anyone who owns the Year 1 Pass
  • New apparel
  • New commendations
  • Increased the base cap for Receiver Components and Protective Fabric crafting materials by 200
  • Inaya al-Khaliq in the Base of Operation is now a Crafting Vendor, she can be found next to the Crafting Bench in the White House
  • Added Specialised and Superior Skill Mod Blueprints to her stock
  • Added an extra weekly Blueprint to her stock
  • Moved crafting Blueprints from the Base of Operations vendor to her stock
  • All exotic items upgraded through crafting will get the maximum Gear Score of the current crafting bench tier
  • Armour percent can now be found as Defense Attribute rolls
  • Health percent can now be found as Defense Attribute rolls

Last Updated: May 15, 2019

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