The Division’s dark zones and legendary loot detailed

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We’re headed into the final wave of games over the next two months, and already, I’m looking forward to 2015. There’s a ton of great games waiting on the other side of that year, and a lot of hype to get through. One game that hasn’t been too heavy on the hype (yet) though, may be Ubisoft’s The Division. Here’s how you’ll be interacting in that game with special loot.

Outside of a main social hub, players will also have access to “Dark Zones”, which aren’t areas of the game wherein Eskom is charge of the grid. These areas will have a more unstructured PvP environment as game director Ryan Barnard explained:

You could be in a group in the Dark Zone, you’d be very aware when you’re in the Dark Zone, and that single player, you could come across them also in the Dark Zone and decide to engage if you want. But you won’t randomly run into them when you’re doing missions or when you’re in the base of operations.

According to Barnard in another preview, the Division will also have a few milestones that players will need to complete, before they can tackle newer missions. That means splitting up your group, and getting their skills up to scratch. “When you’re doing a narrative story you have moments that you want every player to experience, and we have those in The Division as well,” Barnard said.

Pound for pound, The Division has some familiar ideas in it – pretty much what we saw in Destiny. That includes decent gear, as Barnard explained what kind of ‘legendary’ items would be present:

End-game is big part of what we want from The Division. We want to have content for players to play endlessly, that would be the ideal goal for the game. So you need to supply that with new items, new weapons that cause them to get more powerful. But as to the specifics of tiering, we don’t actually do that in the game, but they actually do get better. So we have statistics that are affected with an item is a better quality; there’s reload time, recoil, lot of those kind of things get better with up to ‘legendary’ or ‘epic’, if you want, items.

The Division is out in 2015 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Last Updated: October 6, 2014

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