The Do Gaming League’s looking for a new admin

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DGL 2013

Do Gaming has announced that there is a League Administrator position open for the Do Gaming League (DGL). If you’re willing to dedicate your skills to the competitive community or give up competing in the league yourself, then this is the job for you.

Good league admins are hard to come by, but anyone with the right experience can step up and take the plunge. No doubt being a league admin requires many, many hours of work and great knowledge of how the league is run. For competitive gamers it’s quite the sacrifice to take this position, because once you are an admin you are no longer eligible to compete in the league.

The big question though, is: “What’s in it for me?” Do Gaming has not yet mentioned any money, but since it will be a full time job, I suspect that a salary will be paid and that the position is as formal as any other job. The awesome thing; you get to work from home, in the gaming industry. Take it from me; it’s so much of win.

Let’s have some specifics shall we?

Job Description:
League administrators are responsible for administrating the leagues, resolving disputes and tickets, managing community relations and writing regulations and knowledgebase articles.

This will include but not be limited to:

  • Answering tickets and providing live support for the users of the Telkom Do Gaming League website.
  • Investigating, ruling on and resolving disputes.
  • Performing league related tasks, such as setting up and maintaining events.
  • User and clan related support.
  • Community Management.

Required Qualifications

Matric /Grade 12 Certificate

The candidate should:

  • be fluent in English.
  • have played numerous events in the Telkom Do Gaming League.  
  • be willing to give up their competitive gaming career (staff may not compete in the DGL).
  • have  a stable ADSL connection.
  • be able to work from home.

Additional skills and experience (not required):

Knowledge of HTML/PHP/Javascript/SQL.

Do Gaming Committee member. 

Primary Location
South Africa, Gauteng (PTA/JHB)

Full/Part Time
Full Time

To apply
Send your CV to [email protected] by 28 February 2013.

Last Updated: February 13, 2013

  • DaxterZA

    Interesting job, but does it pay well??

    • Twakkie

      Lol, that is also the first thing I thought of, What about the monies?

      • DaxterZA

        I cant see that a job like this could pay well…

        • in this country, very few jobs in gaming pays well…

          • Twakkie

            Except yours 😉

          • The “fuckall on toast” I had for breakfast disagrees with you.

          • Twakkie

            You can toast your bread? Lucky Bastard. I have started selling my light fittings since it is too expensive to use the lights.

          • Admiral Chief Erwin


          • stfenix

            if the money was on par to my current sysadmin job i would jump at it 🙂 with guns blazing

          • Admiral Chief Erwin


          • I get paid in shiny pebbles and kitchen utensils.

          • Twakkie

            Must be a woman thing because I also pay/bribe my wife with kitchen utensils.

  • An important job but certainly not an easy one. I hope somebody dedicated and motivated gets the job.

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