The Dota 2 Fall Season Compendium is here to steal your money

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Whoever came up with the idea to add a Compendium to Dota 2 deserves a pat on the back, and a punch in the face. Yes, the digital book is a neat way to enhance the overall game experience, but it also has this annoying habit of eating up money, all in exchange for cosmetic goodies.

And of course, we know Valve would never say no to making more money. They’ve now released the Fall Season 2015 Compendium:

Today we are introducing The Fall Season 2015 Compendium. In addition to Challenges and Level Rewards, we have introduced a new Coin Wagering system. Players can wager their coins on the outcome of their match. Wagering members of the victorious team will each win a percentage of the Coin Pool based on the amount of their maximum wager compared to the rest of their team.

Compendium Coins can be earned by completing challenges, achievements, random drops, leveling up your Compendium, using Coin Boosters and recycling. You can redeem coins inside the Compendium for items, sets, or a treasure. The treasure contains exclusive new items that are divided into three tiers of rarity. In the Armory, you can use lower tier items to craft a higher tier reward.

In order to access all of the above, all Valve asks for is $3.99. Alternately, $9.99 can be paid for the above and a bunch of other goodies which include a treasure, coin charm, emoticon, courier, 2x challenge coin rate, a new town portal scroll effect, and 25 compendium levels.

Remember, the compendium can be levelled up, which grants greater rewards. If you’re interested in purchasing one, you can find more info right here.

Oddly enough, I have zero interest in purchasing one for myself. I haven’t played Dota 2 properly for weeks, so I have very little desire to do so. What about you though? Are you excited to throw more money at Valve? Have you already bought your own compendium and levelled it to 500?

Last Updated: October 5, 2015

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