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The Dota 2 Majors will kick off in Europe this November

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The International is done and dusted. The annual tournament saw Evil Geniuses come out on top to claim over $6 million in prize money! It’s still pretty unbelievable that there was that much money at stake for playing a game competitively. Anyways, we’re now done with large-scale competitive Dota 2 for the year, right?

Wrong! Valve have decided that The International isn’t enough, and thus, they’ve decided to host three others tournaments to supplement it. This particular news isn’t ground breaking in any way – we’ve known for a long time now, since April as a matter of fact, that Dota 2 would be getting a series of events called The Majors.

Finally though, we have details on the first major, seeing as The International has now concluded. It will be held in Europe this November. Ticketing and such remains unknown, but details on qualifiers have been made available on the Dota 2 Blog:

Ahead of this Major, there will be Open Qualifiers from October 6-9, and Regional Qualifiers from October 10-13. Any team may participate in an Open Qualifier, and two teams from each region will be among those invited to participate in the Regional Qualifiers. The Regional Qualifiers will then determine several of the teams to be invited to battle at the Major. Direct invitations to the Major and the Regional Qualifiers will be announced on October 5th.

If you reckon you’ve got a strong enough team capable of going the distance, you can find out more about registration right here.

Everything is still some time away, but it is nice to have something to look forward to. Personally, over the past few years, the only competitive Dota 2 I’ve ever watched religiously has been that of The International. These new tournaments should keep the interest of myself, as well as many others, piqued consistently… at least that’s my hope.

Also, I can finally make a plan to attend such an event. Not this year mind you, because I’m poor, but a trip to Europe next year seems far more realistic and affordable in my head compared to a trip to the States.

In completely unrelated news, I am graciously accepting donations of large sums of money. If you’re interested in throwing any at me (money, not sharp or dangerous objects) let me know in the comments below!

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Last Updated: August 25, 2015


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