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On The End of Mass Effect -SPOILER WARNING-

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Were you happy with the end of Mass Effect 3? It caused a massive stir for many, with some vowing to never touch another Bioware product ever again. Have you finished the game? Don’t read this post if you haven’t, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

I get weird things on my desk. Today Gavin tossed this hefty manual at me, which detailed, in a most logical way, why the end of Mass Effect 3 didn’t happen. It might be better if you hop off and read it for yourself first.

Done? Good. Decided TL;DR? Go jump off a tall building. Seriously, go read it now.

Now, despite some fallacies, the logic is pretty solid. I was happily reading and enjoying it until I reached “5. Why would Bioware choose to show the scene of Shepard awakening in the London rubble?” I did a double take. Wait, what? I went back to my save and played the ending again, (for the  fourth time.) Nothing about London. So after some digging on Youtube and several pages of FAQs later… my heart sank. I didn’t have a high enough galactic readiness to see this addendum to the ending. I checked my quest logs, 4 measly side quests left. So, by playing the game sans multiplayer, it was impossible for me to get the ‘true’ ending of Mass Effect 3. (Check out near the end of this FAQ for a handy breakdown of the endings.)

So I watched the 5 short seconds on Youtube, and my view of the ending changed. Yes,  I was happy with my Shepard, who has always been a doomed hero, making the ultimate sacrifice (possibly). But then they show him alive? It wasn’t that the ending bugged me, it was the fact that one of my favourite single player RPGs required me to play the multiplayer component to see the whole end. While I am happily playing the multiplayer, some people can’t, or won’t do so, meaning that the final hint, that spoon feeding of what so many have concluded by themselves by, you know, thinking, will not appear. 

So what do you think? Was it all a dream or because of indoctrination? Or are we looking too hard for something that isn’t there?

Last Updated: March 22, 2012

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