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The Evil Within 2 – Where to find all the mysterious files

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The Evil Within 2 (2)

What’s more terrifying than jump scares in The Evil Within2 and walking into me having a shower? Possibly video game collectibles. Possibly. While The Evil Within may be trying to unlock an achievement for turning all of your hair white, you’ll also be on the hunt for other stuff within that new horror game. Specifically, files that reveal more of the spooky world around you.

If you can find them that is. Having trouble? Well here’s a handy video from Power Pyx toget you started:

Or if you’re looking for something specific, here’s a breakdown of every file within The Evil Within 2 and where to find them. Happy hunting!

Chapter 2

File: Photo of William Baker
Location: Strange Domain, first floor. In the dark room, check beneath the hanging photos and on the sink.

File: Extravagant letter
Location: Strange Domain, second floor. Go past the half-open metal gate, and check the small table in the corridor.

File:  Photo of another victim
Location: Strange Domain, third floor. In room 103, check the table around the corner.

File: Journal in abandoned house
Location: Abandoned House, bedroom. In the bedroom, check the drawers between the plates and vases.

File: Photo of Castellanos family
Location: Outside the Abandoned House. It’ll pop up as you exit the house.

Chapter 3

File: Welcome to the Union pamphlet
Location: Union Visitor Center. Check next to the PC monitor that is on the corner of the counter.

File: Mobius communicator log: Replacement Parts
Location: The roof of the Jason Franklin Restaurant/Supply shed in Northwest Union. Check inside the Jason Franklin Restaurant or the supply shed in the northwest corner of Union.

File: Report #00592
Location: Mitchel and Sons Construction, basement. Follow the basement path until you reach the room with a ladder to find this file.

File: Turner’s Communicator Log
Location: Union Visitor Center basement. In the Rogue Signal side mission, track and then tune all Mobius Resonances to unlock the basement area where you’ll find the communicator.

File: Woman’s Journal
Location: 336 Cedar Avenue. In the bedroom, look on the big table next to the lopsided chair.

File: KCPD Request for Psych Exam
Location: 345 Cedar Avenue. Check the hospital gurney in the garage.

File: Torn Psych Evaluation Report (Top Half)
Location: 345 Cedar Avenue. After you’ve found the KCPD request, check the TV in the lounge, and then you’ll find the file on the bedroom table.

File: Report #00654
Location: Tredwell Trucking Warehouse, second floor. In the power control room, which you can access through the yellow ladder.

Chapter 4

File: Report #00122
Location: Union Residential District, North safehouse. In Union Power and Gas, check the main office front counter.

File: Email – Union Growth
Location: The Marrow. In the operations situation room, check the computer that is under the map of the Union.

File: Email – Expansion and Data Goals
Location: The Marrow. In the access tunnels of central, climb the ladder that goes beyond the gas-filled tunnels and use the PC terminal on the corner desk.

Chapter 5

File: Photo of Seb Castellanos
Location: City of Hall Area. At the Front Gate by the fallen Mobius guard, check near the gate that leads to the City Hall grounds.

File: Report #00977
Location: Union City Hall. In the mailroom, investigate the corner of the desk.

File: Krimson Post Article
Location: Strange Domain. After you’ve taken a picture of the arranged mannequin, look at the side table in the hallway.

File: Photo of Murdered Mobius Operative
Location: Strange Domain. Again after the mannequin photo, go down into the office that appears after the two corridors.

File: Handwritten Note
Location: Strange Domain. In the room filled with those damn spooky figures, check the table next to the door.

File: Report #00213
Location: Union City Hall, second floor. Once you exit the South Hall after you’ve activated the stable field emitter, go to the balcony on the left and check inside the office area. On the desk in the middle is the file.

Chapter 6

File: Report #00532
Location: The Marrow, Facilities. After the Watcher, look for the door with an oscilloscope lock. Beat the puzzle and find the file inside.

File: Email – Core Candidates
Location: The Marrow, Facilities. After you’ve met with Yukiko Hoffman, check the computer and its emails.

Chapter 7

File: Barkeeper’s Journal
Location: Union Business District. In the southern side of this district you’ll find the Devil’s Own Taproom, with the file on a corner table.

Chapter 9

File: Page from Submit to Freedom
Location: Theodore’s Domain. In the Cellblock Crypt, check the altar in the corner.

Chapter 11

File: Torres’s Journal
Location: Union Nature Preserve. In Torres’s Safe House, check the main room desk.

File: Computer File – Hoffman’s Notes
Location: The Marrow. In the facilities of Hoffman’s Safe House when you return from the Nature Preserve, check the computer.

File: Computer File – Security Protocols
Location: The Marrow. In the restricted labs and beyond the Security Level 4 checkpoint, check the computer in the room that has a mirror on the desk.

File: Report – Stem Integration Irregularities
Location: The Marrow, Restricted Labs. In the Autopsy Lab on the first floor, check the whiteboard that a projector is using as a screen.

File: Report – Irregularity Studies
Location: The Marrow. In lab 1 of the restricted labs, which you can access a via a ladder lift at the back of the room.

File: Computer File – Pit Observatory
Location: The Marrow. In the observatory office of the restricted labs, which you can enter by going through the metal door on the south side and next to the disposal pit. Check the computer.

File: Torn Psych Evaluation Report (Bottom Half)
Location: After the third Anima Events has been completed, go down the hallway and into the room on the right (oh hi Mark). Check the desk in front of the wall that has sheets covering it.

File: Letter From Police Chief
Location: After the third Anima Events has been completed, follow the steps above but veer into the left room instead and check the gurney.

File: Computer File – Operative Case
Location: The Marrow. In lab 3 of the restricted labs, you’ll find the file in the back room.

Chapter 12

File: 2nd Burnt Page From Submit to Freedom
Location: Theodore’s Domain. On the altar in front of the burning girl statue inside of the dark void.

Chapter 13

File: Hoffman’s Journal
Location: Ruins of Business District. In the Sanctuary hotel lobby, check the bag on the coffee table.

File: Message From Sykes
Location: Ruins of Business District. After you’ve completed the “Last Step” mission, check inside Sykes’s safehouse and on the desk.

Chapter 14

File: Theodore’s Scripture
Location: Theodore’s Stronghold. On the first floor, on the cathedral altar.

File: Theodore’s Scripture 2
Location: Theodore’s Stronghold. Between the second and third floors, in a side room in the staircase.

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