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The Fez soundtrack is a mysterious enigma of unlockable brilliance

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By now, quite a few of you are enjoying the nostalgic magic of Fez, with it’s charming take on platforming and retro action. For those of you who just cannot get enough of the boiler room however, you’ll most likely be interested in the official soundtrack, that released on Friday.

It’s available at a pay-what-you-like price (Pssst! $7 minimum!), and features all the quirky melodies that make the game so wonderful. So, it’s a really nice soundtrack then. Except it’s more than just that.

Put your tinfoil hats on people, because this audio rabbit-hole goes deep.

It’s a soundtrack that is crawling with mysteries, clues and Easter eggs, that can be uncovered when the files are opened in a spectrogram, revealing tons of extras. Eager listeners have so far batmanned numerous pictures and numbers, which could all point to…something.

Still, no one is sure yet whether all this data is just a bunch of nonsequiters, or if they really are part of grander picture, but that’s the fun of uncovering a mystery. Composed by Rich “Disasterpeace” Vreeland, the soundtrack even includes supposed QR codes, that when scanned, reveal a set of years from 1955 through to 2005.

I haven’t played enough of the game yet to know what all this means, but I’m certain that it must be for something monumental. What could it be though? Clues for a sequel or DLC? The location for Jimmy Hoffas’ corpse?

The password to the folder of header images that Geoff uses when he does the ION? Who knows? For those of you without a CSI lab to uncover audio mysteries, here are the Tumblr links for parts one and two.

Last Updated: April 23, 2012

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