The Final Fallout 3 comparison!

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Eurogamer has put up a comparison video, and I must admit after watching it, I really don’t see how any claims that the PS3 version looked “sub standard” could in any way be valid.

Both are pretty much on par with each other, the 360 version seems to have a higher contrast which makes the darker areas of the game less visible, in turn the PS3 version seems to not suffer from this and also seems to have a much crisper look, too bad then that the anti-aliasing is pretty much non existent.

Overall though the PS3’s textures seem just ever so slightly better which could be due to the contrast being better. Either way this game looks great on both systems and anyone who says the ps3 version is sub par is wrong, end of story. It is a monumental feat that both console versions have lived up the the PC version in the first place which is definitely the pick of the bunch if you have the gear to run it.

Last Updated: November 10, 2008

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