The first 20 minutes of Bloodborne are a bad dream

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Bloodborne blood monster

From Software know how to create ambiance. All their games have a combination of gruesome and terrifying mixed with glorious light and beauty. Bloodborne, of course, will have similar elements. However, this video showing the first 20 minutes of Bloodborne sets up the plot and builds some incredible atmosphere.

Here is the video courtesy of IGN First’s special arrangement with the PlayStation Blog.

And for those who can’t YouTube at work or whatever the excuse is, here’s a link just for you.

I like that they show at the start of the game that the protagonist is getting a blood transfusion, warned that the rest might seem to be a dream. Could this mean that the rest of the game is using that cop out of an excuse for why things are the way they are? Maybe, but I doubt it. There is room for a whole lot more lore than just “it was all a dream” as a rationale.

I’m curious if diehard fans will, um, die in the same way so early on in the game – is there a way past that initial enemy, or is the whole point to accept that you will die early and consistently?

I still can’t get over how gorgeous the game looks and sounds. Being built for the better hardware, I’m confident that Bloodborne will impress From Software fans, as well as lure in some new victims. The game seems a bit more accessible than Souls games – not that it will be easier, but simply that it will be more welcoming for new players to jump in. Of course, once they do so, they will lose their humanity to the game. Or is it blood now?

Last Updated: February 3, 2015

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