The first game to be pirated on the newly hacked PS3 is…

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Not going to make Konami happy at all. In fact, if you really care about gaming and the industry, it shouldn’t make you happy either. It was only a matter of time until the PlayStation 3 was hacked wide open. Now thanks to GeoHot that time has come, and the inevitable flood of pirated games will be just around the corner.

The first casualty is Konami’s recent Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, which came out towards the end of last year. A group of hackers have released an image claiming that they were able to get Konami’s latest game to run off the PS3’s hard drive without a copy of the game disk; the PS3 thinks it’s running a PSN game. This is the first example proving that piracy is completely possible since GeoHot’s hacking of Sony’s console.

Fortunately for Sony and Konami, getting the game to run apparently required a lot of tinkering and is supposedly beyond the capabilities of most ordinary gamers. Still, that’ll probably change in the future and the team of hackers are no doubt simplifying their method.

While many people in forums and comment posts across the internet are hailing the hack as an achievement and example of how intelligent some people are, that’s really just a load of crap. If GeoHot only did this to flex his gray matter then he wouldn’t have made the whole thing public and available. He knew from the start that in doing so it would cost Sony a truck-load of money, but he did it anyway. His claim that he is against piracy just doesn’t wash. Not only has he damaged Sony as a company, but he has damaged the gaming industry in general.

I really hope that Sony tears him a new one in court.

Source: Games Radar

Last Updated: January 12, 2011

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