The force is strong with this Darth Malgus cosplay

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darth malgus (3)

If there’s one thing that can hobble a dedicated cosplayer, it’s size. Now, while verticality issues shouldn’t discourage any of you from dressing up, being the right height for a certain character can make a hell of a difference. Which is probably why I’ll be wearing a Puck costume at rAge this year. But for one rather tall cosplayer, his height helped bring to life a certain infamous Star Wars character in a way that no one else had managed to do so far.

Over on The RPF forum, forumite Darth Serebus managed to craft one hell of a Darth Malgus costume. Built entirely by his own hand, the costume elevates the already tall Serberus from a height of 6’6” to a towering 6’8.

darth malgus (1)

darth malgus (2)

darth malgus (4)

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And holy hell, does he work that look well. Not too mention how ridiculously accurate his Old Republic costume actually is. Damn, it puts my super accurate Jawa costume to shame.

Last Updated: May 28, 2013

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