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The future of gaming, according to Freddie Wong

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You may already know of Freddie Wong from his myriad of video’s that he has posted on YouTube showing him as a futuristic Cowboy or duckhunter but this time he’s done something pretty special.

Not only as he given us a glimpse of the future of gaming but he has also been able to shut down Insomniac studios. Granted it was only for a day and it was so that they could help him make this video but that’s quite the accomplishment really.

He may have also given Sony the best way to sell us a Sharpshooter…

Source: Joystiq

PS: I’m pretty sure Insomniac did this so that we’d tell you that Resistance 3 is all done and hitting shelves this week.. or next, so go buy it because it’s likely to be very good and they do awesome things like support video’s like this one

Last Updated: September 5, 2011

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