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The Future of Pac-Man to be Revealed at E3

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Oh Namco-Bandai, you big tease you! Namco have let the word know that they’ll be hosting Pac-Man 30th Anniversary event at E3 to celebrate the 30 year life of the pellet munching, ghost-chasing anthropomorphised 7/8ths of a lemon-yellow pizza.

They’ve also said they’ll be revealing the future of the franchise. What the waka could they mean?

While this is almost certainly refrence to the recently outed Pac-man Battle Royale, a 4-player affair that melds Pac-Man champion edition gameplay with multiplayer madness, they could surprise us completely.

The could, for instance do what 2K and Vatra are doing to Xcom and Silent Hill respectively – giving us yet another bloody first person shooter. Who knows? interestingly Avi Arad – Former CEO of Marvel Studios and erstwhile producer of Marvel related films. I have no idea what he has to do with Pac-Man, but I’m calling it – everybody’s favourite pill-muncher is becoming on of the X-men.

As old a franchise as Pac-Man is, the championship edition of the game reminded us all of just how much fun it’s no-frills basic gameplay could be, and I’m keen to see what more could be done with the little fella. We at Lazygamer have soft spot for the gay guy – and not just because our mascot bares more than a passing resemblance.

Source : Kotaku

Last Updated: May 6, 2010

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