The God of War 3 rumour Farce

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Here I am stuck in a bit of a predicament, if I don’t post about the new God of War 3 rumours stating that it is apparently better than sex and beer combined I will be told that I am just being biased against a PS3 game, however if I post about them then I will quickly be pulled up for the complete and total innacuracies in the rumours themselves.

Luckily for me some guys over at NeoGaf have made the decision easy. You see the source site of these rumours is a complete farce, it has lied, swindled and cheated it’s way onto the scene and should never be taken seriously as a site for industry rumours. If you don’t believe me then check the source below where Neogaf has visible proof of them editing stories to try and look legit.

Anyway so back to the ‘rumours’, apparently God of War 3 is going to have the best graphics of any console game released to date, it is also going to have the most amazingly epic battles. Well let’s hope that’s true and once we get some real information about the game we will post it.

The best we have had so far is David Jaffe saying the game is going to be absolutely amazing and he is someone I believe.

Source: Neogaf

Last Updated: December 10, 2008

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