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Best Story

Right now, someone at Capcom is cleaning out their desk, as Keiji Inafune just hit Kickstarter success with his spiritual successor to the cult classic Mega Man franchise. And at over $4 million pledged so far, it looks Mighty No 9 is going to be the Mega Man game that we want, for a new generation on all the consoles.

Shuck it Capcom.

Worst Story

Much to Zoe’s eternal sadness, it looks like DOTA  superstar Dendi won’t be attending rAge this weekend, thanks to a bastard case of the flu. Don’t worry Zoe. I’m certain Steel Series will send you some more photos of Dendi for your shrine.

Best ION Header

She’s local and near perfect… was there any ever doubt?

Well yes there was because Darryn being the moron he is chose someone else but I’ve overruled him (Gavin)

The ION Header of the week goes to the lovely Shamara Gabriella

Most Comments

Could Half Life 3 be the next big game to rival the hype machine that was GTA V? According to the 232 comments worth of discussion, yes it bloody well could be.

Least Comments

Sorry Geoff, you get least comments this week, which means that Zoe can finally come out of the cooler. Shadow of the Eternals has yet again failed to secure enough funding,a  story that resulted in a mere three comments being thrown at it. Which is still more attention than the game itself got from the rest of the world.

Batman Of The Week


I’m sitting in a plane right now as you read this, so I have no idea who Batman of the week is. But seeing as how I was waaaaay in the lead when I checked last night, I’ll go out on a limb here say that yours truly is the dark knight once again.

Unless Gavin hacked the Ben Affleck widgets again.

Header Image Of The Week


I’m giving it to Geoff this week. Literally. Because a beard that manly deserves to win some sort of prize.

Comment Of The Week

Kromas wins comment of the week, for taking my Dune references and running with it all the way to the Hague:

So if I use a thumper to summon a worm and it in turn destroys a city, is it my crime or the worms? For reference I just summoned it cause I wanted to pet it.

Last Updated: October 4, 2013

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