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The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week (07 December 2012)

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Hello weekend my old friend. Before we start to get…intimate, I just need to do this wrap-up, as it most certainly has been an interesting week. So you go and make yourself comfortable so long, while I approve this article. Bowchikkawowowow.

Best Story

We love to see games succeed, but seeing them break beyond just the audience that they were crafted for? Now that’s something special, which is just what Journey did when it got nominated for a Grammy award this week.

Worst Story

It’s just kicked off and already, local gamers are getting the short end of the commerce stick, as the Wii U has no e-shop presence whatsoever in South Africa. So instead of spending some Randelas, you’re going to have to stick to Washingtons and Queenies, AS USUAL!

Best ION Header


Another easy pick this week, as Kelly Brook took top honours with her special pointing abilities. Looks kinda cold in that photo shoot, don’t you think?

Most comments

Damn you Geoff. Once again you scuppered my plans to assume my rightful position on the leaderboard, by shanghaiing all four spots on the trending list. Clocking in with over 116 comments about Steam forging ahead with their Big Picture initiative, Geoff clearly won the month. And when you combine the rest of his articles in that block, that’s a grand total of 287 comments. You bastard!

Least comments

Sorry Yolanda. Not even the inclusion of a funny dog meme could save your weekly e-sports wrap-up, as it managed to soak about the same amount of love that gamers this side have for Nintendo. Which is zero.

Best Header


Well at least I managed to scoop this honour up again. Sad face Dawson may usually be the patron saint of bad gaming news in these circles, but yesterday, he was a funny addition to the news that the next Mass Effect 3 DLC would be a tearjerker.

Best comment

I’m pretty sure that OVG might actually be the closest we have to actually interacting with Vaas from Far Cry 3, because that guy has a special kind of crazy in him, one that is mixed with bile, contempt, love, excitement and sheer lunacy.

And OVG channelled his angry cruy cruy this week, as he left this little quote, regarding an idea to see Assassin’s Creed plunge into new timelines in the future;

They should try exploring the fcuking endings to those los kop games.

Well said sir, well said. Now put down the Molotov cocktail…

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