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The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 07 February 2013

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Mass effect[3]

Welcome to the good, the bad and the ugly of the last week, the only article that is written directly from inside the Negative Zone!

Best Story

I honestly have no problem with Sony making money off of the PS4 and beyond. Good sales means more cash to pump into games, with more games buying more PS4 consoles and accessories. Win win!

Worst Story

As if the gravy train known as Government doesn’t have enough of your cash, with a fresh new set of sin taxes due to hit your pocket when the budget for the year is announced, there’ll now be taxes to pay on all your digital goods.

Which means that I’m going to start paying a bloody 14% VAT on all my subscriptions to all,er, um, entertainment websites.

Best ION Header


Some folks say that we use Melissa Clarke as our go-to ION lady. And that’s 100% true, yes it is. But honestly, how can more Melissa Clarke ever be seen as something bad?

Most Comments

Gavin hasn’t kept quiet about this, after he notched up 238 comments for his article on the reasons why we’re unlikely to see GTA V on PC. And I’m starting to think that it’s mighty strange that Disqus has been acting up ever since he got those numbers…

Least Comments

Something Nintendo something Yamauchi heirs selling shares something Nintendo needs to change something. Yep, that sums up the three comments of interest that Steve had on his Ninty article.

Batman Of The Week


Geoff friggin’ takes it again. At this point, I’m ready to throw in the towel, because the insomniac Asian somehow manages to keep getting all the right Batman points. Damn you Geoff, the true Batman shall return one day!

Header Image Of The Week


Seeing as Steve dug out my one true weakness, Monty Python, I’m awarding him header image of the week for this subtle stab at the holy grail. Also, we’re changing his name…to Tim.

Comment Of The Week

Points to Mark Vincer for kicking off a comment thread about the Penis Brotherhood in Rust, with this full functioning gem:

I hear that they are stiff competition with the other brotherhoods

Heh, dick jokes.

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