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The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 13 December 2013

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Hello? Is anyone here? Sniff, stop playing PlayStation guys, we’re still working over here.

Best Story

No matter which side you’re on (if you believe in that malarkey), one thing is for certain with the new console launch: It’s already off to a healthy start. The Playstation 4 launch is already the biggest in the world, while the Xbox One has sold an impressive two million units so far.

Even if there is a new console winner here, it’s clear that the fans will be the winners in this generation.

Worst Story

They called it Judgement Day, when YouTube brought down the Content ID hammer and spilled the blood of many a Let’s Player. Naturally, the vast majority of YouTube is downright pissed off that their hard work is now seeing ad revenue generated away from them, and it doesn’t look like anything is going to change regarding the new YouTube policies.

Best ION Header


I may have several restraining orders against me, but I’ve yet to creep Melissa Debling out enough to get a strike from her. Now to stalk court her with my affections.

Most Comments

If you aren’t reading this, then you’re probably hungover from a PS4 midnight launch, or happen to be on your way now to go pick one up. It was worth the wait though, and for some folks, the complete lack of it. As usual, several shops broke the street date on the PS4 launch, leading to some lucky guys getting their hands on a console early.

Bastards. I mean, good for you!

Least Comments

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Geoff, yes that Geoff, scooped the least comments this week. As in just one pity comment from Jonah Cash for his Wipeout article. This truly is a special day.

Batman Of The Week

batman wheel

I’ve been tallying up the various Batman of the Week awards over the year, which charts just who had the biggest impact on the site. And so far, Gavin is nowhere near being Batman of the year, with that honour instead going to yours truly, who just barely edged out Geoff by one point.

But for this week at least, Gavin is the Ben Affleck that you deserve and need.

Header Image Of The Week


Geoff, 4Chan, trolling and bricked consoles. I call that a match made in heaven.

Comment Of The Week

This week, the good admiral Erwinn+ gets the honours, due to the fact that he reminded us about the best part of Bulletstorm: The juvenile insults.

Here comes Butterdick Jones and his heavenly asshole machine!

Last Updated: December 13, 2013

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